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Letting Go of Your Ex or Anyone Who Has Wronged You

We really feel anger when we perceive an injustice, when our boundaries have actually been violated, and/or when we really feel “mistreated” by one more individual. Occasionally this anger can persist for several years past the original occasion. It can even persist after the annoying person dies!

The silver lining of rage is that it gets us in contact with our power facility to ensure that we can act to stand up for ourselves or escorts someone else. This can be excellent and also crucial when ideal.

However, there are times when an old temper is offering no helpful function; there is no activity to be taken. Instead, it is only triggering us troubles by weighing us down, creating anxiety and also developing some kind of dis-ease within us. As soon as an old rage is identified as the origin of some trouble that we are having, it is normally easily relieved by tapping on the temper that we have towards the person. It typically helps to be very details regarding the root cause of the rage when touching. As an example, as opposed to stating:

Even though I rage at my ex-wife

It is better to say something details, like:

Despite the fact that I am furious at my ex-wife for unfaithful on me

It can also assist to pretend that the person is being in front of you as well as express all your temper feelings directly to the individual while tapping.

After a couple of rounds of touching, the temper will certainly recede and also the existing trouble will clean up. At the very least, this is the usual circumstance. In some cases, however, it does not exercise this way.

When Anger Will Not Let Go
I had a series of three clients some time back where touching on their temper didn’t initially aid much whatsoever. In each instance, the violation was a bad one that had actually happened a long time ago. There was absolutely nothing to be done and even stated to the offending individual, and also in one instance the individual was dead. Each of these clients were aware that the angering person was not being affected in any way by their anger and that they were the only ones enduring. However, touching was not alleviating their temper.

When this occurred with the very first customer, we were initially stuck for a while, but then I had a flash of intuition. I asked my customer whether she really felt that letting go of her rage would imply that the other individual would somehow “escape” what he did? A light bulb went off and also she highly concurred. It appeared that she subconsciously felt that her temper was, in a cosmic justice sort of way, maintaining the other individual “accountable” of what he did. She was afraid that if she released her rage, it would certainly mean that it “really did not matter” what he did to her and he would “escape it” without any effects. Her rage was the only kind of “punishment” that he was getting. The predicament was that the only person in fact being impacted by her anger was her, yet releasing her anger seemed like it would be to his benefit.

So, we touched on:

Although he’ll get away with what he did without my anger
Even though he won’t be answerable without my rage
Despite the fact that it won’t matter what he did to me without my anger

Later in the touching we consisted of verifying phrases like,

I let go of her to the Universe
She goes through her own karma
I select peace for myself

After several rounds of this sort of touching, my customer’s rage was gone, as well as she really felt fantastic relief and tranquility around the problem.

After encountering this same scenario with the following two clients in a row, I really felt that this understanding might be useful to others. So, if you find yourself having a difficult time relieving your rage with tapping, look deeper within to see if issues of “planetary justice” are getting in your method.

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